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Anonymous asked: I randomly stumbled upon this blog and I really like the positive vibe that it gives off. I'm tired of seeing fitness blogs who basically say that you have to starve yourself and work out 24/7 in order to get to that perfect body you want. Your content motivates me to really get back to working out and feeling good about myself. :)


This has honestly made my week. I’m really glad, anon! Makes me happy to know I’m actually inspiring people :) 


I searched for you in all of these places, 07/11/14

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Anonymous asked: What healthy habit have you formed that has made the biggest impact on your life?



Questioning every piece of health/fitness information that comes my way, and independently researching it/experimenting with it to determine whether it is actually healthy for me to incorporate into my life. Fitness fads come and go, and health science is notoriously corrupt. “Doing it my way” has allowed me to find my own fitness that plays on my natural strengths, complements my talents and hobbies, and directly improves my ability to lead a positive and productive life. I refuse to force myself into anything my body hates or anything that makes me feel inadequate - diet, workout routine, and mindset all apply. In this way, I’ve adopted a “conglomerate” (aka not on a program) lifestyle approach of functional strength and conditioning, mostly natural high-protein vegetarianism, body activism and a passion for dismantling diet/ED culture. And most importantly of all, my fitness in itself is not the sole purpose of my life. My life is my life. The fitness just makes it a better place.

It Doesn’t Matter How Fast Or Far, Just That You Get Up and Go

Sooo. First run in two weeks…

1.68 miles in 20 minutes. Slow, painful, exhausting (this Florida humidity makes it so hard to breathe), but I am so proud of myself. How? Because what matters is that I pushed myself to get back out there. I didn’t let myself chicken out or put it off any longer.

Don’t be afraid of taking a break. And don’t be afraid of starting again (or over), either. It’s okay. What’s one bump in the road on a long journey towards your goals? Brush off the dirt and dive back in. You’ll be glad you did. OR, if you’re starting to feel tired or bored with what you’re doing, switch it up, or just focus your energies on something else for a little while. The only wrong way to do this healthy lifestyle thing is to go about it in a way that keeps you from being happy with the life you deserve to enjoy.

Ahem. That’s all! Let’s all have an awesome Monday tomorrow, alright. Stay strong warriors. 



Getting Back on My Feet 7/26/14

It’s been almost two weeks since my operation and the evidence of it seems to go away more and more each day. The cuts are really small now and will probably leave the tiniest scars that no one will notice (as if I show off my stomach often anyway).

The first week was miserable. I couldn’t move, or stand, couldn’t eat anything more than maybe some broth and crackers and I was lucky I kept down most of my food at all. I spent most of that week sleeping. There wasn’t much else to do. Admittedly, I cried a lot. (I’m a baby.)

Sunday I woke up and it was like a switch was flipped in my body. I knew immediately that something was different—that I felt better, but not 100%. I had the energy to go outside. I swam in my pool, went back to work. That night I went out to a late movie with a group of good friends and had a great time. I forgot I was even recovering.

I still get really queasy sometimes and my whole digestive system seems confused; my doctor called it the readjustment period and said it would level out eventually. But the improvement has been amazing. I’m not constantly uncomfortable or in pain anymore! I’m still hesitant about eating and feel uneasy about food but slowly I’ve started to dabble in things previously off limits (one word: PIZZA!) and so far, everything has gone swimmingly.

It can be difficult struggling with a sickness or injury you have no control over. Feeling helpless isn’t a good feeling for most people and being in pain on a daily basis can really take a hit to your quality of life and happiness. I know because I’ve gone through it now. I hated cancelling plans because I didn’t feel good. I hated avoiding any sort of social gathering or outing involving food because I didn’t want to get sick and have to go home. I hated taking medicine constantly and always worrying about my symptoms.

I hope that anyone coping with any sort of condition knows that they don’t have to go about it by themselves. I had good friends who were really understanding and loving about the whole thing and I think it’s important to reach out and have those kind of people in your life that help make you forget you’re even sick. Take it one day at a time and understand that your illness doesn’t own you.

That’s all on this one, warriors. Good morning and have an awesome day :)


Hitting the Gym May Boost Your Overall GPA

HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY check this article out:


Fun fact: I did not write this article (duh)

BUUUUTTTT the person who did was actually my editor/boss/bestie whenever I worked for Pensacola State’s Corsair and to me that is hella rad. He’s been writing for USA Today recently and I’m super proud and happy for him and since this particular story is relevant to my blog’s content I feel the need to signal boost it. So yeah.

Go read it.




We need carbs to survive, people! It’s just a matter of picking the right ones. Don’t fear the carb.


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